Maximizing Energy Efficiency

At Everett Roofing Co. we are as concerned as you are with the condition of our planet and what we can do about it. With all our roofing projects the debris is taken to proper recycling facilities for disposal, with special care taken if asbestos handling and removal is required.

We also offer Energy Star efficient “Title 24” Roofing systems for commercial and residential projects, along with proper attic ventilation these can reduce energy bills and keep you cool in the summer! On commercial applications there are reflective coatings which can be applied right over the existing roofs (certain conditions apply).

No need for timely and messy removals, just savings in energy costs! We also install all traditional attic ventilation equipment, including wind dormers, wind turbines (whirlybirds) whirlybird, electric or solar powered attic fans, and ridge cap ventilation systems.

We also install skylights, whether the traditional type or the new skylight ‘tubes’, both allowing natural sunlight in. This not only saves on electricity but also creates a dramatic lighting effect wherever they are installed!

In some cases after the removal of the old roof, plywood isn’t necessary, we only need to check the condition of the existing wood for termite and or dry-rot damage, replace as needed and then install the new roof. In other cases the old roof can be left on with the new shingle installed right over the top. In either case we will fully check with your city’s building and code enforcement department for their approved applications first. As we are at your home estimating your roofing project we’ll show you all of your roofing choices and help you choose a roofing product that will best suit your needs and your budget.